The Role of Siblings in Eldercare By Calm Pond

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North Van Caregivers

Did you know that according to a survey by the National Caregivers Association, 76% of family carers say they don’t receive help from other family members. To me that seems sad, but here is an attempt to uncover potential solutions, gleaned from two blog posts I read.
The first one is entitled: ‘Why Caregiving Creates Tension Among Siblings’, by Gary Gilles, and can be found at:

Here are some takeaways for you based on that post:

  • Caregiving
    can bring out the best and the worst in sibling relationships, strained
    relations can ensue
  • Siblings
    can find themselves living out historical ‘roles’ based on previous family
  • One
    or more siblings can deny the condition of the parent(s), thereby protecting
    themselves from the painful realization of parent(s) decline. In time, however, denial can be replaced by
  • One
    possible solution to the sibling -non-involvement challenge is to schedule
    family meetings or…

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