The media is often a key driver of negative attitudes, especially in internalizing ageism

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Media often represents ageing as a crisis or a societal burden, with the ageing population described using metaphors such as “grey tsunami”, “demographic cliff” and “demographic timebomb”. Often, older people are depicted as “villains” unfairly consuming too many of society’s resources and cast on the “ reject heap” side of life.. Recently, I stopped listening to the local radio, Mixed FM as the announcers repeatedly and even proudly made derogatory remarks on their older colleague, Rod Monteiro as the old guy…etc etc. Not a day goes by when I switched to it that I do not hear such ageist remarks. What message are we sending to the public? It is no wonder we are less tolerant to our Malaysian elderly…What is ironic however is that ageism is such an ironical discrimination as we are condemning and setting a paradigm that prejudice our future eventuality. Each one of us is an elder in us at our calling in time. Such intolerance is evident in that we cannot tolerate having aged care facilities that’s noticeable in our residential areas. Such old people must be isolated far away from us in order not to contaminate the youthfulness of the community. It is well time that we reflect on our prejudice and demonstrate compassion to the aged as we are all shareholders in this dimension and it won’t be long before we would hope that when we get old the same compassion will be extended to us from the youth of the future.