AARP is urging Connecticut residents to petition state lawmakers to temporarily suspend privacy laws that effectively prevent nursing home residents from communicating with family members during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic

For several weeks, nursing home visits have been banned, except in “compassionate care” circumstances. In addition, privacy laws currently prohibit cameras in nursing homes. This includes the ability to connect through SKYPE, ZOOM and other virtual visitation technologies. This law effectively leaves more than 22,000 Connecticut chronically-ill and vulnerable long-term care patients cut off from their families.

The Role of Siblings in Eldercare By Calm Pond

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North Van Caregivers

Did you know that according to a survey by the National Caregivers Association, 76% of family carers say they don’t receive help from other family members. To me that seems sad, but here is an attempt to uncover potential solutions, gleaned from two blog posts I read.
The first one is entitled: ‘Why Caregiving Creates Tension Among Siblings’, by Gary Gilles, and can be found at:

Here are some takeaways for you based on that post:

  • Caregiving
    can bring out the best and the worst in sibling relationships, strained
    relations can ensue
  • Siblings
    can find themselves living out historical ‘roles’ based on previous family
  • One
    or more siblings can deny the condition of the parent(s), thereby protecting
    themselves from the painful realization of parent(s) decline. In time, however, denial can be replaced by
  • One
    possible solution to the sibling -non-involvement challenge is to schedule
    family meetings or…

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